Engineering Surveys

Engineering Surveys

Engineering Surveys evaluate much more than just land and seek to identify any issues before and during construction. They examine building design and land use, to ensure whatever is being built is flawless, fit for purpose and practical for your needs.

If you’re looking to build or renovate, an engineering survey helps you to gain strong foundations from the start.

Do you know which survey you need?

Contour and Detailed Survey

The foundation to any new build or renovation, these surveys look to plot all the relevant information from your intended build site and build it into a contour and detail plan. How detailed the survey and subsequent plan are, depends on your intended use for the building.

If you’re planning on renovating for example, it’s important every detail is picked up from window locations to rooflines, to ensure your architect, builder and building designer have the detail they require. If, however, you’re planning to demolish an existing building, to rebuild from scratch, there may only be a need to plot the building’s footprint and site topography.

A contour and detailed survey can help your construction and building team, to make valuable decisions about the design of your project. 

As Constructed Survey

As the name suggests, these surveys are designed to confirm that a building or construction has been built in accordance with the plans. Frequently required for certification purposes, these site surveys record any variations from the certified plans and enable action to be taken if required to remediate the discrepancy.

These surveys are required as part of the final certification process. Our Cadastral surveyor is qualified to complete the Form 12 needed for this final certification.

Set Out Survey

A set out survey involves translating building design from approved plans, onto the actual parcel of land. Key to ensuring accuracy of build, these surveys also help your builders to follow the plans and ensure your building structure is in the right place. These need to be done either after an Identification Survey or at the same time as one. 

If you’re building a new home, a car port, a garage or even a retaining wall, it’s important you book a set out survey. Our surveyor will calculate the location of your building in relation to the boundary. 

They’ll also be responsible for issuing a Form 12 to the building certifier, stating that the plans have been accurately transferred onto your land.

The risks of not following any architectural plans accurately, can lead to non-compliance with further costs to rectify the issue, so it’s worth getting it right from the start.

Engineering Surveys
Engineering Surveys
Engineering Surveys
Engineering Surveys
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